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Range Hood - Grande, 1200mm/800mm, 1.2m (Alfresco, Light Commercial, Canopy, Indoor/Outdoor BBQ)

The most powerful rangehood to grace the Grande line, designed for light commercial use and intelligently engineered to capture and clear all smoke. The AS1200 is one for heavy cookers that require large extraction.
Exclusive to Big Aussie Deals Pty Ltd

The AS1200-30 Rangehood

1200mm x 800mm

Comes with-

2x 2m Aluminum extendable bendable ducts
Mounting Brackets for wall
4x Flute covers totaling 900mm (400mm & 500mm)


✓ #304 stainless steel - Engineered with the highest quality stainless steel. The exterior not only appears sleek, but it is also easy to keep clean.

✓ 2x Large Honeycomb Grease Filters- Built to allow maximal airflow whilst also capturing all airborne grease which is transferred into 2x stainless steel large external detachable oil cups.

✓ Easy Maintenance- With our customers in mind, we have designed our filters to be easily removable and cleanable.

✓ 4x Energy Saving LED Recessed Lights - Strategically installed into the unit, providing full illumination of the cooktop

✓ Blue LED display and durable finger switch buttons with an inbuilt timer function and remote control


Incorporated 2x 5 Speed 250w Copper Brushless Motors capped with an ultra-quiet iron fan together producing an enormous 3500 cubic meters/ hour of maximal suction, leaving your cooking area free of smoke, steam, and odor.

Motors are muffled and when working at full capacity produces a mere 60db of noise which in comparison is less than an average conversation.

The motors are inside the rangehood main head unit.

We recommend the range hood is installed between 900mm-1300mm above the cooktop for optimal efficiency.

The Grande Rangehoods; Italian inspired designs delivering consistently great results in style.

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